Along our meandering tree-lined roadways Glen Eden offers many settings for individual and family lots. Lots are available throughout Glen Eden’s 140 acres where centuries-old oak trees, willows, and crab apple trees, interspersed with man-made beauty, follow the 19th-century philosophy that by reflecting closeness to nature, we realize a greater closeness to God. We also have a large reserve of undeveloped property.

Each memorial garden is dedicated to one enduring theme. Loved ones find comfort in selecting a gravesite to match the memories of a life well lived to a principle or a devotion that helped guide that life. In addition to the beauty of nature and to add to the solace of visitors, each garden of memories features an artistic focal point.

Memorials at Glen Eden are all installed level with the lawn to maintain both a distinctive remembrance and the visual appeal of our age-old grounds. The memorials, which can be personalized to reflect the individuality of the loved one, are bronze, an enduring metal. Today most bronze memorials are installed with a granite base.

The time-honored method of interment, in-ground burial, involves three components — the lot, the memorial and the burial vault. Glen Eden requires the use of a burial vault, which maintains the grave and protects the casket. A basic sealing vault meets our requirements, and a vault with a liner, which offers greater protection to the casket, is also acceptable. The lot and memorial are available at Glen Eden; the vault is available through your funeral director.



In the new Garden of Devotion, nestled in a wooded area near the creek, we now offer granite, upright family monuments. You can select two spaces or four spaces and secure with your spaces the privilege to inscribe a beautiful monument.

The monuments are pre-installed on specific lots. There is a selection of six different designs in six different beautiful and enduring granites.

The monuments can be secured in two different sizes depending upon if you select a lot with two spaces or four spaces.

The purchase price of the lot includes the right to inscribe the monument with your family name and individual inscriptions. There are no extra fees for the foundation or installation. The cost of the lots varies by the size and type of monument you prefer for you and your family.

A family can select the two spaces on the north side of the monument and inscribe this side of the stone. A second family can select the south side of the monument and inscribe that side of the stone.  This is called a “shared monument”. By offering the monument in this manner, the beautiful upright monument is available to you at an affordable price. Also, Glen Eden can control the sizes, materials and designs of all the monuments to help maintain the reverence of the cemetery.

Our Memorial Advisors can answer all your questions and assist you in the selection of your lot and monument.




Located across the Memorial Plaze from the distictive St. Gabriel Mausoleum 8-grave and 4-grave Family Estates is a burial option that has been specifically designed for families to stay together. It offers families togetherness, greater privacy, plus the ability to personalize their area.

The Family Estate areas are bounded by attractive four-foot high brick walls. Glen Eden provides each area with small bushes and flowers, and the family may further personalize their estate with plantings and flowers, votive candles, an optional granite bench, and other tributes. The size of the eight-grave area is 21.5′ x 20′ and the four-grave area is 14.5′ x 20′.






Glen Eden is proud to offer a specially themed resting place — The Garden of Valor — for Veterans and their spouses.


The U.S. Government provides a 24” x12” bronze grave marker free to each veteran. It includes name, dates of birth and death, rank and service, and the military cross.



For individual gravesites, you may purchase a granite base for the government marker, with or without a bronze flower vase that features the military cross and a circle of stars. For companion memorialization, you can purchase a larger granite base that provides space for the addition of a matching companion memorial-marker and a military-style bronze flower vase.



In the Memorial Plaza adjacent to the Chapel Mausoleum stands a majestic elevated flagpole, surrounded by our Cenotaph Memorial, featuring a solid bronze bas-relief sculpture depicting those who have served our country.
Wherever your loved one’s remains are located – at Glen Eden or anyplace else — you can add his or her name and date of birth and death here, to stand with the names of fellow veterans, on an 8” x 2” cast bronze plaque. An additional way to honor his or her contribution, it also provides family and friends with a dedicated and special place to visit.




What better way to honor the memory of loved ones than flowers — the universal symbol of renewal? Glen Eden offers a variety of vases and silk flowers.

Glen Eden is proud to offer an array of year-round floral choices to honor the memories of loved ones. Please note that fresh flower arrangements may be displayed in a permanent bronze vase or a disposable vase. Silk floral arrangements require a permanent bronze vase.

  • Perpetual Decorations 
    For a one-time charge, a beautifully appropriate seasonal silk floral tribute will honor the memories of loved ones. Tributes will be changed each April, June, and November.
  • Winter Floral Tributes     

       A NEW selection of lovely Winter Floral Tributes.

       Accepting phone orders beginning November 1.

       Visa and MasterCard accepted.

    • Spring Floral Tributes
      Placed just prior to Easter, silk spring flowers are available for a touching remembrance and a reminder of the rebirth of life.


    • Special Occasions
      Commemorate special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays by choosing from a wide selection of silk flowers at Glen Eden’s offices. Arrangements are available year-round.


    bronze_vases copy
    Enduring beauty that will last for generations.

    For centuries, bronze has been used by artisans because of its beauty and durability, assuring that the memories honored today will remain beautiful for future generations.

    • Fresh flower arrangements may be displayed in a permanent bronze vase or a disposable vase. Silk floral arrangements require a permanent bronze vase. Glen Eden offers a wide selection of permanent, solid bronze vases available in which to place floral tributes.


    Choose from two ten-inch high, classic designs that are fitting for fresh cut and silk floral tributes – the Hammered Doric and the Veteran Grecian. They may be installed as part of the original memorial or as a separate unit.

    The Hammered Doric features two polished stripes, a decorative rockedge ring and protective coating. The Veteran’ Grecian, with its Victory Star ring, is designed to coordinate with the Latin Cross of the Veteran’s Memorial. A fitting tribute for those who served their country.


The burial option you choose tells family and friends a lot about you – and not just the who, what, when and where of you. Perhaps the most important part of your memorial is the why of you – evoking the memories, feelings, interests and accomplishments that make you special.

That’s the solace that those who come to pay their respects need – and that’s why Glen Eden offers so many of the finest memorialization options for you to choose from – so you can make the statement, for all time, that is uniquely yours.

Traditional Memorial Options

If you choose traditional, in-ground burial, you have a choice of three categories:


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Custom Memorials


The finest and most personalized memorials available. There are many choices that ensure the uniqueness of your Custom Memorial.

Custom Color


Begin your Custom Memorial with one of six, rich colors — Aztec, Aquamarine, Hunter Green, Black Cherry, Black, or Light Brown, each coated with Matthews’ patented Diamond Shield“ Protective Finish for everlasting beauty. Choose your favorite color, and next, choose your Custom Border.

Custom Border


In the custom category, you’ll find many unique opportunities to create a distinctive memorial. You can combine finely detailed borders and unique shapes. For your convenience in identifying them, the three borders and shapes are called Cambridge, Mayfair, and Sussex. Choose one, and then go on to letter style.

Custom Letter Style


You have three choices of distinctive fonts in both uppercase and lowercase. “Americana” evokes a traditional, patriotic feeling; “Optima” offers a more modern appearance; and “Chancery” is reminiscent of a more religious style. Choose one, and next, choose from the many personalization options available to you.

Custom Personalization


This is where your choices are virtually unlimited. Three-dimensional sculpted portraits, or bas-relief sculptures, can be created from a photograph by a master artist from Matthews. Preserved for eternity in the timeless beauty of solid bronze, these sculptures provide future generations a lasting record of their heritage.

Personal epitaphs commemorate one’s life in a uniquely special way. The only limit to the length of the inscriptions is the size of the memorial. And Custom memorials are available in many companion and individual sizes. Epitaphs highlight one’s personality, career, religious faith, or other meaningful aspect of a life well lived. They capture the essence of an individual’s being and help loved ones relive memories.

The actual signature in bronze is perhaps the ultimate statement and reflection of one’s personal style. Signatures are cast in exacting detail and provide a distinguishing touch.


Premium Memorials are moderately priced and offer a wide variety of choices. Create your distinctly personal Premium Memorial.


Premium Color


To begin designing your Premium Memorial, select the soft hue of Aztec, the deep, rich tone of Dark Teal, Black or Light Brown. Each is preserved with Matthews’ patented Diamond Shield“ Protective Finish. Next, choose a Premium border.

Premium Border


You can choose from three borders, and each border offers a choice of three design elements. The borders are Cascade, with smooth, softly rounded edges; Simplicity, with beveled edges and corners, and Cameo, with raised surface, added line, and beveled edges and corners.

Once you’ve selected a border, choose from one of three design elements: Laurel, a sign of honor and victory since ancient times; Botanica, an elegant floral design with rounded contours; or Deco, with its familiar straight lines and geometric patterns. Then, choose a Premium letter style.

Premium Letter Style


Choose between the classic Roman letterstyle and the more ecclesiastical Chancery font. The last step is to choose from a wide array of Premium personalization emblems and create a personal epitaph.

Premium Personalization


Emblems. Cast in solid bronze, premium emblems can symbolize what a loved one held dear – fraternal, military, civic or collegiate to name a few. Custom emblems, such as a family crest, are also available. Up to three emblems may adorn a Premium Memorial.

Epitaph. A personal tribute of up to 12 words adds a meaningful touch to any memorial. For example, “A loving husband, caring father and community leader.”

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Classic Memorials are our most affordable line and offer a combination of timeless design elements.


Classic Color

Begin your Classic Memorial by choosing either the Dark Brown or Light Brown color. Each is naturally complemented by the fine luster of the polished bronze, and is preserved with Matthews’ Diamond“ Shield Protective Finish. Next, choose your border.

Classic Border

Classic memorial options include three distinct borders, and three designs from nature.
Borders: Crowncrest features a natural wood-grain pattern; Rockedge presents the feel and texture of cut stone; and Seabrook reflects the impressions on calm waters.

Designs include these ornate castings: Rose, with its intricate detail, captures the beauty of one of the most enduring symbols of love; Dogwood is a reminder of new life and the promise of spring; and Pine features decorative evergreen sprays and cones.

Classic Personalization


You can personalize Classic memorials with up to three emblems. You may choose from a wide selection of existing emblems that symbolize spousal devotion, religious faith, fraternal organizations, and other meaningful expressions. Custom emblems, such as a family crest, are also available for placement on a Classic Memorial. We allow 6 words on a companion marker and 4 words on a single marker.



Is There a Time Limit After a Death for a Person to be Buried?
States have different laws; some limit the maximum time before final disposition. Things that must be considered: securing official permits and authorizations, notifying friends and family, preparation of the burial site and religious requirements. Your funeral director will be well-versed on the regulations.

What About Embalming — is it Required?
No. Embalming is a matter of choice, not required. Your decision will be influenced by several factors: 1. length of time between death and burial; 2. to enhance the deceased’s appearance in an open casket for public viewing or private viewing by family members; 3. transportation of the body by plane or train.

What Are “Opening and Closing Fees?”
Fees for “Opening and Closing” cover the cost of many separate services performed by cemetery personnel. They include administering and permanent record keeping — we determine ownership, obtain permission and complete all other necessary documents, enter the interment details in the interment register, and maintain all legal files. The fees also include actually opening and closing the grave — we locate and lay out the boundaries of the grave, excavate and fill the space. We also place and remove artificial grass and cocoa-matting at the grave site, level, tamp, re-grade and seed the grave site, and level and re-seed it if the earth settles.

What is a Burial Vault?
All burial vaults are made of concrete. If it has an inner liner, they are made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, bronze, plastic or fiberglass. Glen Eden requires the use of a burial vault.

May I Make the Necessary Arrangements in Advance?
Yes. You can make all arrangements in advance. Planning ahead lets you consider the options you prefer. As an informed consumer, you can make the decisions about your funeral, your cemetery arrangements and the kind of memorial you want. They will be meaningful decisions that will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have relieved your loved ones of the emotional and financial burden of having to make decisions at a time of mourning. It’s also a wise economic choice, because you purchase at today’s prices, free from future inflationary pressures.

When I Buy a Grave, Do I Receive a Certificate of Ownership?
Yes, although this is sometimes a misunderstood issue. You are really purchasing the right to be buried in that space, not the real estate itself – that remains the property and responsibility of the cemetery.

What is Endowment Care?
Endowment care income — a portion of the purchase price contributed to a special fund — provides for regular care and maintenance of the cemetery, which can include mowing, regrading, planting and maintaining trees, water supply system maintenance, roads and more.

How Do I Transfer Property Ownership?
Please contact the office to schedule an appointment to receive the necessary information and details from the office supervisor.