The Rev. Dr. Victor F. Halboth

DECEMBER 21, 1932 – NOVEMBER 18, 2018

As Scripture says: “Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life”  (Rev. 2:10).

The Rev. Dr. Victor F. Halboth was born in Yuba City, California to The Rev. Victor and Erna Halboth on December 21, 1932. He began his spiritual life through Baptism on January 5, 1933 at First Lutheran Church in Yuba City, his father performing the Sacrament.

When his father entered World War II as a Chaplain in the Army the family then moved to Plymouth, Wisconsin, his mother’s birth home. There he attended grade school and at the age of 12 Pastor Halboth entered Preparatory School on the campus of Concordia College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Upon graduating from “Prep School” Pastor Halboth entered Concordia College in Milwaukee (now Concordia University, Wisconsin), and began his Pre-Seminary Studies. After his graduation in the Spring of 1953 Halboth entered Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. He spent his vicarage year at St. John Lutheran Church, Rome, New York under the supervision of The Rev. Paul Boriack. It was during his vicarage that he met his soon to be wife, Blanche. They were married at St. John Lutheran Church by Rev. Boriack and Rev. Victor Halboth just before Pastor Halboth was to begin his fourth and final year at the Seminary. Their wedding date was September 1, 1956.

After graduation in 1957 Pastor Halboth was called to Grace Lutheran Church in Redford Township, Michigan. His call document read to be Assistant to the Pastor “while the new building plan was to be completed, with the stipulation that Halboth will receive a call in the future.” Pastor Halboth was ordained at Grace in 1957 and stayed for 61 Years.

For 61 years Pastor Victor Halboth has held only three titles: “Assistant Pastor, Senior Pastor, and then again Assistant Pastor.” He served with his father for over 30 years and then with his son, The Rev. Timothy Halboth, for 30 years.

During his ministry, Rev. Halboth has had the honor and privilege of bringing many souls to Christ, thousands of Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals. In all of these events, Christ was always glorified. His pastoral heart was carried out to the extreme and he would visit, call, or help anyone in need, whether church member or not.

Pastor Halboth also served in various offices in the English District; leader of the Lake Erie Pastoral Conference in the mid-1960’s and also a member of the District Board of Directors during the turbulent 1970’s. When the inerrancy of Scripture was in question, Pastor Halboth remained steadfast to God’s Word and led and kept his congregation in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and the English District. He also served as a District Representative for Concordia Seminary during the 1980’s and 1990’s. He had to relinquish that position when travel started to get difficult for him.

For many years Pastor Halboth sat on the Board of Directors for Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park and continued to serve as Chairman of that Board until his death. “Pastor Halboth had a huge influence on the growth of Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park by serving on the Board of Directors for over 30 years and serving as Chairman of the Board for over 20 years. I will always be grateful for his leadership in making Glen Eden to be the outstanding cemetery operation that it has become. Our loss is heaven’s gain! He will be missed!” Thomas A. Habitz, CCE, General Manager.

Along with his ministry to the Church Pastor Halboth also served in the civil realm as well. He was Chaplain of the Michigan State Police for over two decades. When the State Police changed their administrative duties, Pastor Halboth retired with honors. He also worked side by side with many leaders in the Redford Township Community working on several committees and also was involved in the Spiritual Life Committee at then Botsford Hospital where he was instrumental in the call of the first full-time chaplain in 1992.

His loving survivors include his wife, Blanche; two sons Dr. Mark (Charla) and The Rev. Timothy (Erika), along with five grandchildren; Rachella, Charisa, Marcella, Erik, and Aaron. He was preceded in death by a brother, Phillip and a sister Bonnie.

Many settings for individual and family lots are available throughout Glen Eden’s 140 acres where centuries old oak trees, willows and crab apple trees, interspersed with man-made beauty, follow the 19th century philosophy that by reflecting closeness to nature, we realize a greater closeness to God.


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Traditional in-ground burial, above ground mausoleum and outdoor niche settings offer families inspirational choices for the remembrance of loved ones. The very special Garden of Grace cremation garden and Memorial Park Boulevard featuring a niche garden, a niche wall and a niche garden wall are two of the unique settings for those choosing cremation.