If you wish traditional burial or cremation, we believe having a place to remember and be remembered is important.  The funeral ritual and the bereavement process should include the memorial service or committal service.  We believe it helps you heal from your loss. 
Our Redeemer Mausoleum provides crypt space for casketed burial and Niche spaces for cremated remains. The Redeemer Chapel and Mausoleum is a large complex with convenient parking and a climate-controlled environment for your service and visiting the cemetery. At Glen Eden East, our crypts and niche spaces are affordable and when preplanning, you can secure this protection with convenient monthly payments. There is no interest on any purchase. The price you are quoted will include the inscription plaque and vase.

For those selecting Cremation as a Step in the Funeral Process. In Michigan, one in two families selects cremation as a step in the funeral process. This step can be more economical and is often convenient.  We respect this choice. At the same time, we see the value in having a memorial service and committal at a cemetery. Glen Eden East has beautiful glass and bronze niche spaces in which you can place the remains and personal mementos. We also have marble-front niche spaces as well as many outdoor options. On our grounds, you can select space and a traditional marker or monument or a bench in which the cremated remains are placed.

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Traditional Family Lots: When selecting a family lot at Glen Eden East, you have your choice of lots for lawn-level markers or upright granite monuments. The lawn-level markers can be beautiful bronze memorials or durable and flexible granites. We offer a variety of granite colors, all of the finest quality. We can work with you to make the memorial the most personal and meaningful to you and your family. Our sections or gardens are kept small to reduce walking distances and to make things easier to find for our families and visitors. Like our crypts and niches, our lot prices are affordable and can be purchased with interest-free payments.

Where the Legacy of Your Loved Ones Lives On.  Glen Eden East offers a large variety of memorials and markers to honor your loved ones lives and to pay tribute to them.  You can select from bronze, granite, and depending on which garden, a flush marker or monument. We work with an approved vendor for memorials and markers. They have been in the business for over 120 years and is located here in the Metro Detroit area. Their custom designs and quality of workmanship by talented and trained designers and skilled professionals who create and process custom memorials using state of the art techniques and old world skills. Please feel free to review our sample selection of Memorials and Markers. For more information, please contact a Memorial Advisor at 586-677-9500 or by email at
Memorial Types and Samples:
LAWN LEVEL Made of bronze or granite, these markers lie level with the ground.  They can be customized, based upon size. Companion lawn level memorials are also available.


COMPANION UPRIGHT MONUMENT  Monuments, or Uprights, offer full visibility. You may be able to personalize with the design, picture etchings, photographs, or scenery.


CREMATION MEMORIALS  Cremations can also be memorized, like that of standard memorials. There are bench memorials and markers too. 


Glen Eden East Cemetery is pleased to now offer a seasonal floral program. The program is available in a one-time placement for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or purchase as a yearly subscription in which arrangements are placed three times throughout the year (Spring, Fall and Winter). We will have a separate opportunity to purchase Winter floral, wreaths, and grave blankets later in the year.
Let our staff adorn your loved one’s headstone/marker, crypt or niche front with a beautiful floral arrangement.  We will place the floral for you, refresh every season with a new selected arrangement. 
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Seasonal floral will be as noted below: 
Spring arrangements:  Early April
Fall arrangements:  Early September
Winter arrangements:  Early November (these will be available for purchase later in the year)
Enrollment in the Glen Eden East Floral Program will help you to remember your loved ones, and will be placed by our caring staff. We invite you to take part in what will become a tradition with the yearly Floral Program at Glen Eden East.
(In order to maintain the pristine beauty of the cemetery, Fall grounds cleanup is October 15th.  Spring cleanup of the grounds and Mausoleum is March 1st.)


Glen Eden East Schedule of Charges

Gardens (individual Spaces): $900.00 — $1,250.00 ea
Monument Lots: 2 Grave Lot — $3,000.00: 4 Grave Lot — $5,500.00
Larger monument lots available Contact our office
Additional Rite of Burial:  $250.00 ea

MAUSOLEUM PRICING — One vase is included in the sale of the crypt or niche.
Glass/Marble Niche: $1,200.00 — $3,500.00 EA.
Crypt:  $6,000.00 — $14,500.00 EA.
Crypt Additional Rite of Burial: $250.00 EA.
Permanent placement for cremated remains may be placed in our Common Crypt for $295.00 and has no additional service fee.  If interested, your loved one’s name, year of birth and year of death may be placed on our cenotaph next to the crypt for an additional cost of  $300.00

Complete service includes tent, lowering device, installing and closing cemetery grave liner*, opening and closing of grave and/or use of the Chapel.  Orders for interments must be placed at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled service.
Traditional Ground Burial Interment  $1,300.00
Cremation Interment/Inurnment  $700.00
Entombment — Crypt  $1,150.00

Overtime Charges, for each hour or fraction thereof
Weekdays and Saturday after 2:00 p.m.  $200.00
Disinterment  $1,200.00
Disinterment and reinternment in grave space or crypt  $1,200.00

Individual Memorial  $250.00
Companion Memorial  $350.00
2 and 4 Grave Monument Foundations  $600.00
Pedestal Bench Foundation  $600.00
Larger Monument Foundations  $125.00/linear ft.
The Cemetery does not warrant any memorial or monument against vandalism or damage resulting from normal maintenance of the Cemetery.  Please request a copy of our rules and regulations as to what is allowable on markers and monuments.

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