Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park is collocated with Birchwood Cemetery on 26 Mile Road at the north edge of Macomb Township.  Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park was developed in 2004 to serve the Lutheran community in Macomb and Oakland Counties. Birchwood is open to others to serve the entire community.
Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Parks and Birchwood are a part of the Elmwood Family of Cemeteries. Historic Elmwood Cemetery on Detroit’s east side was one of the earliest cemeteries in Detroit having been founded in 1846. Still an active cemetery, Elmwood is also a certified arboretum. The shared management and operation of Glen Eden East and Birchwood brings a higher level of service and expertise to our Macomb location.
The offices in Macomb also serve as the administrative officers for Historic Greenwood Cemetery in Birmingham and beautiful Glenwood Cemetery in Flint.

The Elmwood Family of Cemeteries

19810 26 Mile Rd., Macomb Township, MI 48042  •  Phone: (586) 677-5400