Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park is a cemetery with locations in Livonia and Macomb Township, MI
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View a collection of photos from both Macomb Township's Glen Eden East and Lavonia's Glen Eden West.

Traditional Burial

Along the meandering tree-lined roadways of Glen Eden, each memorial garden is dedicated to one enduring theme. Loved ones find comfort in selecting a grave site to match the memories of a life well lived to a principle or a devotion that helped guide that life. In addition to the beauty of nature and to add to the solace of visitors, each garden of memories features an artistic focal point.

Centuries old oak trees, willows and crab apple trees, interspersed with man-made beauty, follow the 19th century philosophy that by reflecting closeness to nature, we realize a greater closeness to God.

You may choose individual and family lots in any of the gardens in our 140-acre grounds, where personalized lawn-level solid bronze memorials maintain both a distinctive remembrance and the visual appeal of our age-old grounds.

Private Family Estates

8-grave and 4-grave Family Estates is a burial option that has been specifically designed for families to stay together. A brand new concept to the Livonia area, it offers families togetherness, greater privacy, plus the ability to personalize their area.

The Family Estate areas are bounded by attractive four-foot high brick walls. Glen Eden provides each area with small bushes and flowers, and the family may further personalize their estate with plantings and flowers, votive candles, an optional granite bench, and other tributes. The size of the eight-grave area is 21.5' x 20' and the four-grave area is 14.5' x 20'.

For a limited time, families may take advantage of interest-free financing for up to 5 years.

For information or an appointment, please call 248-477-4460 or email one of our Livonia Memorial Advisors listed on our Contact Us page.

Garden of Devotion

Beautiful upright monuments at affordable prices. Nestled in a wooded area near the creek, you can select two or four spaces and from six different monument designs crafted in enduring granite. Your family name and individual inscriptions will be inscribed on the monument providing future generations a setting to remember loved ones and preserve family history. Click here for more information.

India Red


Barre Gray

Jet Black

Dominion Pink


St. Gabriel Mausoleum

Built in 2005, with a careful eye to enhancing the beauty and richness of its surroundings, St. Gabriel Mausoleum's rich and distinctive atmosphere encourages visitors to reflect on the lives of loved ones here any time of year, in comfort and security. Dominating the space is the huge, exquisitely carved bronze bas-relief wall of archangels, pictured heralding a heavenward announcement.

The serenity and beauty of crypt or cremation niche mausoleum entombment is enhanced by the natural light that pours down from the huge skylights, illuminating the rich greens and browns of the fine Italian marble. St Gabriel Mausoleum offers:

• Individual crypts of Italian marble,
• True Companion Crypts - two crypt spaces with a single front of Italian marble with a bronze plaque,
• Deluxe Front Companion Crypts, side-by-side crypts featuring a double-sized front in fine Italian marble and a bronze plaque,
• Marble fronted cremation niches,Stained glass-fronted niches,
• Beveled glass-fronted niches for display of personal memorabilia.

Chapel Mausoleum

Drive through the welcoming arch at the entrance to Glen Eden Memorial Park in Livonia, and ahead of you is our beautiful Chapel Mausoleum. Inside, the many skylights, inspirational stained glass and Italian marble and granite combine to create a warm and comforting ambience.

The radiant colors bring serenity and dignity to the space, which features corridors with crypt, niche and cenotaph memorials, the inspiring glass-covered atrium and large reception area. Committal services and regularly scheduled remembrance services are held in the intimate Rose Chapel and the more spacious Chapel of Memories. Perhaps most impressive is the massive cast bronze crypt wall of “Scenic Michigan – God’s Creation.”

Besides being affordable, crypt, niche or cenotaph ownership in the Chapel Mausoleum also allows secure, year-round visitation, regardless of the weather.

Chapel Mausoleum options include:

• Individual crypts of Italian marble and granite
• True Companion Crypts – two crypt spaces with s single front of Italian marble with a bronze plaque
• Deluxe Front Companion Crypts, - side-by-side crypts featuring a double-sized front in a choice of Italian marbles and a bronze plaque
• Marble-fronted cremation niches
• Stained glass-fronted niches
• Beveled glass-fronted niches for display of personal memorabilia
• Cenotaph plaques in bronze with name, date of birth and death.


Glen Eden offers many options for those who choose the simplicity, dignity and affordability of cremation. Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional burial plot, in a mausoleum niche, or in our niche plaza.

If you prefer a traditional in-ground burial, each of our themed gardens has available spaces. Each space can accept the urns of four loved ones.

If you prefer above ground, indoor inurnment, our Chapel Mausoleum niche spaces provide enduring memorials. You may choose from bronze, glass or marble-fronted niche spaces. A glass-fronted niche can display personal mementos selected by you or your family, and allows for a truly personalized tribute. Permanent bronze bud vases are available for the placement of flowers.

Outdoors, our niche plaza is an ideal setting for families to be close to nature while honoring and remembering loved ones. This beautifully landscaped area features a variety of niche locations. You can choose from the sparkling niche fountain, niche wall, niche garden wall, or the memorial flagpole court that honors those who served their country in military service, and their community as police, firefighters and emergency personnel.

Garden of Grace

This very special cremation garden features a dramatic garden/cloister ambiance for heartfelt, nature-enhanced connections with lost loved ones. Notable are the intimate cul-de-sac areas with perimeter in-ground cremation burial spaces on berms, encircling visitors for visual and physical closeness. Granite benches offer cremation niches. The focal point of one cul-de-sac is a lovely carnelian granite columbarium with a domed top. 

Click here for more information. For an appointment, please call 248-477-4460 or email one of our Livonia Memorial Advisors listed on our Contact Us page.


Traditional In-Ground Veterans’ Memorials
Glen Eden is proud to offer a specially themed resting place -- The Garden of Valor -- for Veterans and their spouses.

Government-Provided Marker
The U.S. Government provides a 24” x12” bronze grave marker free to each veteran. It includes name, dates of birth and death, rank and service, and the military cross.

Optional Upgrades
For individual gravesites, you may purchase a granite base for the government marker, with or without a bronze flower vase that features the military cross and a circle of stars.

For companion memorialization, you can purchase a larger granite base that provides space for the addition of a matching companion memorial-marker and a military-style bronze flower vase.

Cenotaphs for Veterans Buried Elsewhere
In the Memorial Plaza adjacent to the Chapel Mausoleum stands a majestic elevated flagpole, surrounded by our Cenotaph Memorial, featuring a solid bronze bas-relief sculpture depicting those who have served our country.
Wherever your loved one’s remains are located – at Glen Eden or anyplace else -- you can add his or her name and date of birth and death here, to stand with the names of fellow veterans, on an 8” x 2” cast bronze plaque. An additional way to honor his or her contribution, it also provides family and friends with a dedicated and special place to visit.

Memorial Flagpole Court

At Glen Eden’s Memorial Plaza Boulevard, we offer a special way to honor loved ones who served our community and our country – the Memorial Flagpole Court. Here -- surrounding a majestic elevated flagpole bordered by bronze sculptures of police, firefighters, clergy and veterans -- are niches and cenotaphs to honor those who served. The cremated remains of loved ones who wore the uniforms of service can join their compatriots here, in a variety of niche walls. And if the remains are elsewhere, a bronze cenotaph memorial gives family and friends a dedicated and special place to pay homage.

Available Spaces

Traditional Burial
Chapel Mausoleum
St. Gabriel Mausoleum

Lot Owner Information

Do we have your current address?
We want to keep our lot owners fully informed in a timely manner. If there’s ever a change in or addition to your phone numbers, postal or e-mail address, please keep us up to date. Call us at 248.477.4460 or e-mail your changes to

Sometimes, couples have different memorialization choices.

Not everyone has a firm decision on their burial wishes, and often, couples don’t want the same arrangements.

Our memorial advisors are dedicated professionals who will fully and clearly explain all of your options, so that individual choices can be accommodated. Having worked with virtually every family preference and situation, they’ll guide you through the selection process so you’ll feel certain you’ve made the right choices, whether the couple reposes together, or separately.

Each Glen Eden traditional in-ground lot can accommodate a single casket or a single casket and up to three urns of cremated remains, or up to four urns. A mausoleum crypt can accommodate a single casket or a casket and an urn. Individual mausoleum niches and companion niches for urns are also available.

A reminder about flower placement.
Fresh flower arrangements are allowed on lots in a permanent bronze vase or a disposable vase. Silk flower arrangements are only allowed to be placed in a permanent bronze vase.

In mausoleums, one floral tribute per crypt or niche is allowed to be placed on the benches or other holders, where provided. Floral displays may be placed in a vase affixed to the crypt front, and are limited to items of eight inches (8”) in height and six inches (6”) wide. Only one floral tribute per crypt or niche is allowed unless an additional vase has been placed on the crypt or niche front.

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