The Purposes, Value and Benefits of the Funeral Ritual and the Cemetery Committal

Our charitable purpose is to help.

Today, in our busy lives, important traditions for many families are changing. Families have relatives and friends far from the local community. Therefore, very often it has been difficult to follow traditional patterns of visitation, a funeral and a committal service in a short time period. However, now with cremation as an enhancement in the funeral and memorial process, time can be less urgent.

The evolution of important traditions can provide comfort and healing. It is not necessarily a good or bad thing—rather, it is today’s reality. However, the changes in process can lead to confusion on how to proceed when a death occurs. The rules are flexible and this can allow for the steps selected to be inadequate to help you cope with this loss.

You have choices. The funeral and memorial process can be tailored to meet your family needs and preferences. You don’t plan funerals very often, certainly not every year. By having the conversation, you can be assured that the choices you make will eliminate the confusion and result in a meaningful service which is a step in the healing process from the loss.

Eden Choice™ recognizes the need to help families discuss and to understand their wishes and plans. The need to have a conversation between spouses and with children is more important than ever before. We can help. One of our charitable purposes is to help families through the entire experience.

Every day, we see families in pain from a loss. Our years of experience with so many families enable us to help you plan for the funeral and cemetery that meets your new demands, and allow you peace of mind — knowing that the plans you select will serve your family well.




1.  Survivor overload and stress — dozens of documents to find and arrangements to make.

Bluntly: If someone dies with no pre-planning, then some unfortunate survivor inherits a big, complicated mess with a great deal of stress. It is not just a matter of reading a will. Lawyers and accountants need to be consulted and worked with, sometimes extensively. Dozens of documents are needed in a fairly short amount of time to keep things moving. Among these are documents for: mortgages, deeds, notes, bank accounts, investments, credit cards, appraisal of valuable personal effects and household items, life insurance policies, accident and health insurance, property insurance, veteran’s benefits, plus there is notification of employer, health care providers and other people who need to know, and the liquidation of homes, home contents, cars and other assets. Most likely, you do not want to leave someone with this enormous project, and you should pre-plan with professional assistance such as a Glen Eden Memorial Advisor (Glen Eden does not charge for this service). If you should become the unfortunate survivor who inherits this problem, you can greatly reduce your tasks by working with a Glen Eden Memorial Advisor to get advice and a free written guide to pull all the pieces together.

Call (248) 477-4460 and ask a Memorial Advisor your questions and get a free workbook: FAMILY PLANNING RECORD,  A Guide for Survivors. These two simple steps make everything easier and simpler.

2.  Emotional overspending

In a time of great emotion and heavy sentiment, sometimes a survivor or family will be tempted to spend more than the family can afford on memorialization. The most effective way to avoid emotional overspending is to plan ahead. Glen Eden Memorial Advisors are experienced and skilled at planning ahead, and assisting you with quality choices that are loving, respectful and appropriate.

3.  Your wishes are not known or followed — faith, cultural.

Virtually everyone wants their funeral and cemetery memorialization to be comforting for family and friends, and to help everyone begin the emotional healing process. Of course, most people also have religious and/or cultural practices that are very important, as well as personal preferences. Many people will want to minister to those they leave behind with selected music, favorite poems or passages, scripture readings, speakers, and of course the option of cremation. Today there is a wide range of ways that people celebrate the passing of a life, and you surely deserve the right to have your wishes known and followed.

4.  Time crunch — no time to think, consider, talk to family, get provider guarantees.

Because there are very many details to attend to when someone dies, doing it all a short time makes every step much harder and far more upsetting. Decisions may have to made quickly, whereas a few days of consideration would be wiser. And, consulting with family members can be hard or impossible without adequate time.  At Glen Eden and some other quality providers, with time to pre-plan you can lock-in expenditures and important details of provider performance.

5.   Details not in writing — causing confusion, even anger, among survivors.

If your directions are not in writing and safely kept, survivors can develop sharp differences about your wishes. Almost always, family and friends will honor your wishes, but even verbal communications that you have had over the years can be perceived differently by different survivors. This can lead to sincere conflicts among people who genuinely want to honor your desires. Glen Eden and the better funeral directors that we can suggest to you are reliable places to keep your written wishes on file, as your primary location or as a backup to the written wishes you place with family members.

6.  Written wishes put in will or safe deposit box

If you are the sole owner of your safe deposit box, then it will take too much time to get into the box because an executor or administrator will probably need a court order.  In addition, your will is usually not the best place for your funeral and memorial wishes because you don’t need a lawyer or a legal document to accomplish this message, and if survivors wait for settling of the estate, it will take time that is an unnecessary delay for funeral services and memorialization.




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  • Dedicated memorial advisor who will guide you in your selections considering your values, traditions
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Pre-Planning Services

  • Updating your plan as personal preferences and wishes change
  • Protects you from future price increases
  • Interest-free financing
  • No-charge Comfort Crosses mementos

Services and Family Support without Pre-Planning in Place

  • As much or as little assistance as your family desires
  • Collaboration with your funeral provider and other providers of your choice
  • Review of the personal preferences and wishes you have filed with us
  • Pricing information presented to your family in clear language, nothing-hidden format
  • No-charge Comfort Crosses mementos

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