5 Years Interest-Free Financing On Crypts*

*With 20% down payment and $75 administration fee.


Once a choice reserved only for the wealthy and famous, today the advantages of above ground burial are well within the reach of families of all Christian faiths. Mausoleum burial is clean, dry and ventilated, and it compares favorably with the cost of in-ground burial by eliminating lots, vaults, monuments or memorials.

The casket is sealed in a crypt space, behind a personalized memorial, in a mausoleum that allows for year round visitation, regardless of the weather, in beautiful, inspirational settings.

Glen Eden offers a variety of configurations and styles, from individual to companion and family crypts, from bronze to marble and granite designs.




Drive through the welcoming arch at the entrance to Glen Eden and ahead of you is our beautiful Chapel Mausoleum.  Inside several memorial corridors, a committal chapel and a glass-covered atrium are connected by a reception area. Numerous skylights, including a massive one covering the entire Garden Chapel ceiling, bathe the interior with the glow of natural, indirect light.  Brilliant stained glass radiates color throughout bringing serenity and dignity to the space, while fine furnishings and rich carpeting provide a setting of quite and comfort. Besides being affordable, crypt ownership in the chapel Mausoleum allows secure, year-round visitation, regardless of the weather.

The mausoleum has three spacious memorial chapels – The Rose Chapel, Garden Chapel and the Chapel of Memories – for committal services and regularly scheduled remembrance services.

Perhaps most impressive is the striking centerpiece of the mausoleum – a specially designed crypt wall with a cast bronze bas-relief of a Michigan wilderness scene, entitled “scenic Michigan—God’s Creation.”


Chapel Mausoleum options include:

•  Individual crypts of Italian marble and granite. 

•  True Companion crypts – two crypt spaces with a single front of Italian marble with a bronze plaque.

•  Deluxe Front Companion crypts – side-by-side crypts featuring a double-sized front in a choice of Italian marbles and a bronze plaque.



The serenity and beauty of mausoleum entombment is found in St. Gabriel Mausoleum.  Rich and distinctinve surroundings provide a comforting and peaceful setting in which to visit and reflect. Designed with the finest Italian marble and granite it promises to be a graceful and everlasting memorial.

Choose your preferred setting from a complete selection of placement options, including the uniquely crafted crypt fronts elegantly adorned with bronze bas-relief angels.

Individual Crypts  Available for a single individual with an elegant Botticino marble front.

True Companion Crypts  A wonderful way for a loving couple to spend eternity together, two crypt spaces, a singe marble front and brass plaque memorializes both individuals.

Deluxe Front Companion Crypts   Side-by-side companion crypts featuring a double sized marble front and bronze plaque.  You may choose from Botticino or Breccia Aurora marble fronts.  Deluxe fronts are available on our exclusive bronze bas-relief angel fronts as well as throughout the mausoleum.

You may enhance the distinctive beauty of a marble fronted crypt, complete with bronze memorial plaque, with a bronze floral vase, a perfect place for a loving floral tribute.



What better way to honor the memory of loved ones than flowers — the universal symbol of renewal.


Glen Eden is proud to offer an array of year-round floral choices to honor the memories of loved ones. Please note that fresh flower arrangements may be displayed in a permanent bronze vase or a disposable vase. Silk floral arrangements require a permanent bronze vase.

  • Perpetual Decorations   For a one-time charge, a beautifully appropriate seasonal silk floral tribute will honor the memories of loved ones. Tributes will be changed each April, June and November.
  • Winter Floral Tributes   Glen Eden offers tributes decorated in seasonal colors. Placement begins November 1 and removal begins March 1.
  • Spring Floral Tributes   Placed just prior to Easter, silk spring flowers are available for a touching remembrance and a reminder of the rebirth of life.
  • Special Occasions   Commemorate special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays by choosing from a wide selection of silk flowers at Glen Eden’s offices. Arrangements are available year-round.


Enduring beauty that will last for generations. For centuries, bronze has been used by artisans because of its beauty and durability, assuring that the memories honored today will remain beautiful for future generations.

Fresh flower arrangements may be displayed in a permanent bronze vase or a disposable vase. Silk floral arrangements require a permanent bronze vase.  Classic elegance and timeless beauty that reflect love and reverence describe the five-inch high handcrafted Celestial crypt vase. With its liner and protective coating to preserve its fine polished finish, this beautiful addition to a mausoleum crypt can display fresh cut or silk floral tributes.


The memorial you design will tell family and friends a lot about you – and not just the who, what, when and where of you. Perhaps the most important part of your memorial is the why of you – evoking the memories, feelings, interests and accomplishments that make you special.

That’s the solace that those who come to pay their respects need – and that’s why Glen Eden offers so many of the finest memorialization options for you to choose from – so you can make the statement, for all time, that is uniquely yours.

Above Ground Memorial Options

Glen Eden offers a variety of crypts, with marble, bronze or granite fronts.

Bronze-fronted Crypts are available in the beautiful bronze Outdoor Michigan wall in The Chapel Mausoleum and the Archangel bronze wall at St. Gabriel Mausoleum. Because of the unique nature of these crypts, elegantly simple plaques list name and year of birth and death. These are the only crypts in Glen Eden that do not allow for the addition of vases. A bronze vase is included with all other crypts.

Marble-fronted Crypts are available in both Mausoleums, with solid bronze plaques cast with the name and year of birth and death.

Granite-fronted Crypts are available in one section of our Chapel Mausoleum, and depending on the location there, have name and year of birth and death engraved in the stone or cast on a solid bronze plaque.

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Why Choose a Mausoleum?
Mausoleums were once exclusively for the wealthy and famous. In fact, the first mausoleum, built and named for Mausolo, a beloved minor monarch who would otherwise have been forgotten, was one of the original Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World.

In addition to prestige, dignity and serenity, the other advantages of above-ground burial — a clean, dry and ventilated entombment– are now well within the reach of families of all faiths.

What Makes Mausoleum Entombment the Wise Financial Choice?
Above ground burial compares favorably with the cost of in-ground burial by eliminating the need for lots, vaults, monuments and memorials. In one indoor, above-ground space, the crypt is sealed and the casket is protected from the elements.

Glen Eden offers low down payments and interest free financing, making the choice of mausoleum entombment even more affordable.

How Will I Feel, Visiting a Mausoleum?
The atmosphere of a mausoleum is reverent, peaceful and inspiring. Consider Glen Eden’s recent addition of our new Chapel Mausoleum: it features a crypt wall depicting a beautiful bronze bas-relief outdoor Michigan scene, skylights, beautiful stained glass, and the finest marble and granite.

When Can Friends and Family Visit Mausoleum Crypts?
All year-round, in any weather, you can pay homage to the memory of departed loved ones in a beautiful, indoor, inspirational setting.

Is Embalming Necessary When Selecting a Crypt?
The rules and regulations of Glen Eden require embalming when selecting above-ground entombment.